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At CareFusion, we are united in our vision to improve the safety and lower the cost of healthcare for generations to come. Our 14,000 worldwide employees are passionate about healthcare and helping those that deliver it - from the hospital pharmacy to the nursing floor, the operating room to the patient bedside.

Our clinically proven product families include Pyxis® for medication and supply dispensing, Alaris® for infusion, AVEA® ventilators, Jaeger® for respiratory diagnostic instruments, AVAmax® and PluerX® for interventional procedures, V. Mueller® and Snowden-Pencer® surgical instruments, and ChloraPrep® skin antiseptic.


Respiratory Care and Equipment.

Breathe easy with a broad portfolio of respiratory products provided by a global leader in respiratory care.

CareFusion respiratory solutions help manage optimal lung support while transitioning patients across the continuum of care—from the hospital to the home. With our comprehensive portfolio, you can help enhance patient and safety care while reducing cost and infection.

To make global healthcare better, we partner with our customers to help them improve medication management, lower costs in procedural areas, reduce risk of infection, advance the care of ventilated patients and turn the endless amount of data generated in healthcare into actionable information.



Why Skin Preparation Matters.

There is an increased prevalence of "super bugs".

Adherence to proper antisepsis is critical for the reduction of microorganisms on the skin.
Use of Chloraprep skin antiseptic for patient preoperative skin preparation helps reduce microorganisms on patients’ skin. Ideal properties for a preoperative skin antiseptic:

Broad spectrum Active in the presence of biomaterial
Rapid bactericidal activity Low incidence of irritation or toxic responses
Residual properties on the skin None or minimal systemic absorption