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Demotek Closed Suction Catheter system, available for 24 and 72 hours use , features safe and simple access for the care of mechanical ventilated patient (either tracheotomised or endotracheal intubation) on continuous suction without breaking the circuit throughout the patient’s time on the ventilator. High quality EVA sleeve facilitates the operation when advancing the catheter preventing infiltration of blood and sputum. Soft, smooth designed suction tip to prevent damage to mucous membranes. It comes with a needleless valve irrigation port and or MDI port .The Closed Suction Catheter System sizes range from 5Fr to 16Fr.

The characteristics of the closed suction include.

  • No need to disconnect the ventilator
  • Transparent adaptor to enable easy observation
  • Replacement of closed suction system can be identified with colour coded weekdays label
  • Prevents medical and nursing staff from getting respiratory tract diseases in the suction process, and reduces the risk for both patient and hospital staff of cross-contamination.
  • Sterile in EO gas for single use only
  • Products comply with the requirements of ISO 8836:2007

Demotek Closed Suction Catheter

Demotek Closed Suction System

Closed Suction Catheter System


Over the years our Demotek brand has proved to be one of the most reputable brands in the family of medical disposables. High quality of products, competitive prices, excellent customer service and International networks are the key features of Demotek success.