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Fisher Paykel Optiflow

Individual respiratory conditions need personalized respiratory support. In response, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has developed a comprehensive family of solutions, providing these advanced therapy solutions along the F&P Respiratory Care ContinuumTM.

Humidity is critical to human respiratory health and well-being at every point of the continuum. Restoring this natural balance is the core purpose of each and every therapy solution offered in the newly released ARCO program.


Fisher Paykel Neonatal Optiflow

Optiflow™ Junior Nasal Cannula

Revolutionary cannula range designed specifically for the delicate anatomical features and flow requirements of neonatal and pediatric patients.

Optiflow™ systems offer the ability to comfortably deliver a complete range of oxygen concentrations and flows to extend the traditional boundaries of oxygen therapy. Optiflow is delivered through the integration of heated humidification and a precise blend of air and oxygen delivered via an innovative nasal cannula.

Optiflow Junior helps Texan Quadruplets.

Parenting is taking on an entirely new meaning for one North Texas family after a woman recently gave birth to quadruplets. The American news agency NBC recently featured this story on their journey. Optiflow Junior is showcased providing three out of the four quadruplets with respiratory support for their under developed lungs.

Fighting pneumonia: Brisbane doctors help in Uganda's battle with child-killing disease.

A simple oxygen device modified by two Brisbane doctors could help save the lives of thousands of children in central Africa.


ARCO Program

Respiratory Applications, Clinically Optimized.

For each application there are several equipment and consumables configurations, to address any patient need

Neonatal Optiflow (2) Neonatal CPAP (1) 
Neonatal CPAP+ Optiflow (1) Pediatric Optiflow (3)
Pediatric/Adult Optiflow (2) Pediatric/Adult Mechanical Ventilation with Optiflow (1)