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Company Profile

Aerogen is an innovative medical device and drug delivery company specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of aerosol drug delivery systems, aimed at the critical care respiratory market. 

Aerogen’s patented OnQ™ aerosol technology is an integral part of its drug delivery systems, the technology allows drugs to be nebulized into a fine particle mist that can be absorbed through the lungs while maintaining drug integrity.    Aerogen is an award-winning company that continues to invest heavily in R&D, product design and development to evolve and extend its product range

Aerogen Technology

Our unique palladium vibrating mesh technology, Aerogen Vibronic® is a breakthrough in aerosol drug delivery and is at the heart of all our products.    The central aperture plate is just 5mm in diameter and is perforated with 1000 precision formed holes, that vibrate at 128,000 times per second, to produce the optimum particle size for deep lung penetration.

Aerogen Solo

Pioneering aerosol drug delivery nebulizer for single patient use.  Single patient use vibrating mesh aerosol drug delivery technology offering superior performance across all hospital modalities.

The Aerogen Solo puts you in control ensuring confidence and consistency of patient care.

  • 4 times more medication delivered to patients lungs¹
  • Quick & easy to set-up with no added flow
  • Suitable for solutions, suspensions, proteins & peptides
  • Silent operation

Aerogen Ultra

Superior aerosol drug delivery in the Emergency Department

The Aerogen Ultra is transforming the treatment of patients in Emergency Departments worldwide. Used with the Aerogen Solo the Aerogen Ultra offers superior drug delivery and improved patient response in Emergency Departments.


  • Significantly more medication in half the time¹
  • Improved patient response²
  • Quick & easy to set-up with no added flow
  • Virtually silent operation

Aerogen Pro-X Controller

Portable power source for the Aerogen Solo

Throughout the hospital, the Aerogen Pro-X Controller powers the Aerogen Solo in one easy to use device.

With both 30 minute and continuous mode options the Aerogen Pro- X Controller is specifically designed to delivery high performance aerosol drug delivery to patients across the hospital

  • Quick and easy to set-up
  • Powers the Aerogen Solo
  • 30 minute & continuous  mode options

Aerogen USB Controller

Portable USB power source for the Aerogen Solo.

The Aerogen USB Controller powers the Aerogen Solo and can be operated from USB ports on ventilators and other medical electrical equipment.

  • Quick and easy to set-up
  • Powers the Aerogen Solo and Aerogen Pro
  • 30 minute & 6 hour mode options

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