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The standard of ventilatory support for neonates to pediatrics to adults.
Airon Corporation manufactures and markets innovative, reliable, effective, fully pneumatic oxygen-powered life support ventilation and CPAP products and accessories for healthcare workers worldwide.

Our products deliver critical ventilatory support to neonates, infants, pediatrics, children and adults patients in numerous critical care settings including:

EMS and hospital, ER and trauma, MRI, OR, ICU, and transport.

All of Airon’s products are proudly made in Melbourne, Florida, USA.

Our team combines over 40 years of proven experience in medical product design and manufacturing, as well as research and clinical care in respiratory therapy, critical care medicine, and emergency medical response. We continually seek new ways to make ventilation safer and more responsive for all patients.

pNeuton mini Ventilator

pNeuton mini Ventilator for Neonatal / Infant Critical Life Support Anywhere, Anytime
The pNeuton mini ventilator is a new approach to neonatal, infant and pediatric ventilatory support, and accommodates even the most fragile patients from 400 grams to 25 kilograms.

No Need for Electricity or Batteries
With a built-in oxygen blender, and precise timing & pressure controls, the pNeuton mini matches the complexity of pressure-limited ventilation in standard infant ventilators without the need for electricity or batteries.
A purely pneumatic ventilator supporting patients non-invasively using nasal prongs / masks for CPAP application, or ventilation + CPAP with endotracheal tubes for full support. The ventilator is ideal for transporting patients both within the hospital and via air or ground ambulance.


Neonatal / Infant Applications to Match the Clinical Complexity
For your referring hospital or Labor & Delivery, from the newborn’s first troubled breath in the delivery room to optimizing ventilation support for transport.

The pNeuton mini is MRI compatible and can be placed right next to the MRI magnet with a remote alarm for enhanced patient safety. The pNeuton mini is also compatible with the Life Pulse High-Frequency Jet Ventilator from Bunnell Incorporated, providing conventional ventilation in tandem with the Life Pulse without interfering with high frequency ventilation or nuisance alarms.ation broadens the clinical application and prepares the clinician to meet patient needs during transport.

pNeuton mini NEO Ventilator

pNeuton mini NEO Ventilator with CPAP for invasive and non-invasive patient support anywhere
The pNeuton mini NEO ventilator is a safe and secure way for neonatology to transport and perform MRI procedures specifically designed for neonatal ventilation.

MRI Compatible
The pNeuton mini NEO is MRI compatible allowing for image production with no artifact. The
ventilator can be placed right next to the MRI magnet with no Gauss line restriction, plus a remote alarm can be added to enhance patient safety.

The only truly fully pneumatic, portable ventilator for neonates with CPAP, oxygen mixing and patient alarms. The mini NEO is a small, lightweight ventilator with precise timing and pressure controls designed for use on patients from 400 grams to 20 kilograms.

With a broad range of clinical applications, the mini NEO provides immediate life support for at-risk deliveries, MRI and other radiology suites, transport and ventilation need – short or long term, even tandem therapy with high-frequency jet ventilation.

pNeuton Model A Ventilator

pNeuton model A is a Ventilator with Built-In CPAP for Hospital Environments
The pNeuton model A with built-in CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is ideal for critical care adult or pediatric patient support in hospital environments.

With simple-to-use controls – Tidal Volume, Respiratory Rate, and Pressure Limit – pNeuton A can provide volume-targeted or pressure-limited ventilation. The built-in high output demand flow CPAP system insures critical care ventilation needs are optimized for spontaneous and mandatory breaths.

One Device for OR, ICU, MRI, and More
Fully pneumatic and operates without the need of batteries or electrical power, the pNeuton A can help you care for the most difficult patients, from the emergency room to special procedures, MRI to the operating room and intensive care unit, wherever the patient may be located.

The pNeuton A Ventilator has an integrated all-pneumatic alarm system with remote alarm capability that keeps you alerted to patient circuit disconnects and low gas supply from bedside to MRI observation room and back to the patient bedside.
Noninvasive or invasive ventilation broadens the clinical application and prepares the clinician to meet patient needs during transport.

pNeuton Model S Ventilator

pNeuton model S Ventilator with CPAP for EMS Ground and Air Transport
pNeuton model S ventilator provides mask CPAP plus volume or pressure ventilation for pediatric to adult patients for pre-hospital and hospital environments; with simple-to-use controls – Tidal Volume, Respiratory Rate and Pressure Limit.

For early intervention, the built-in CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) system allows you to start with face mask CPAP and if the patient needs it, seamlessly provide ventilation without interruption. Fully pneumatic, the pNeuton S does not use batteries or electrical power to provide ventilation with readiness for operation.

Meeting the Needs for the Most Challenging Patients in Respiratory Distress
The built-in high output demand flow CPAP system with automatic sensitivity insures critical care ventilation needs are optimized for spontaneous and mandatory breaths.

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