Respiratory Care Continuum

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare offers a comprehensive humidified respiratory solution for all therapies in the F&P Respiratory Care Continuum.


Fisher & Paykel – NeopuffTM is a T-Piece resuscitator designed by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare to deliver controlled, consistent and precise pressures, independent of operator experience.

Optiflow™ Junior

Fisher & Paykel – New cannula range designed specifically for the delicate anatomical features and flow requirements of neonatal and pediatric patients

Infant Invasive

Fisher & Paykel – offers humidified circuits designed to deliver heated and humidified gases to neonates and infants during invasive ventilation.

Bubble CPAP System

Fisher & Paykel – Bubble CPAP is a unique form of CPAP, which provides respiratory support to spontaneously breathing neonates.

Adult Evaqua 2

Fisher & Paykel – Evaqua 2 ventilator breathing circuits combine traditional dual-heated circuit technology with patented technology in the inspiratory and expiratory limbs to minimize condensation and promote a closed system.

Airvo 2 System

The AIRVO 2 system enables the transition of Optiflow™ across critical and non-critical areas of the hospital. Piped air is unnecessary and flows can be delivered up to 60 L/min. To continue the therapy once discharged from the hospital, the F&P myAIRVO™ has been specifically designed for the needs of patients in the home and for long-term care.

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