Nebulize without interruption to patient therapy

Airvo 2 with Aerogen nebulization

Nebulize your patient without interrupting the Optiflow Therapy.

Engineered with convenience in mind.
As the AIRVO Neb chamber adapter is part of the water chamber, there is no need to hold it in place during treatment.

Designed for maximum delivery efficiency
Independent testing of the AIRVO Neb adapter demonstrated and emitted dose as high as 39% without changing the flow, the FiO2, the temperature, or the humidity of the generated flow

Better together. The best of AIRVO 2 technology in one kit.
This kit comes as standard with our new AirSpiral heated breathing tube technology, which produces up to 93% less condensate that previous AIRVO breathing tubes.

Built with advanced nebulizer technology in mind.
Designed for use with the latest technology; vibrating mesh nebulizers and can optimize the deposition of the nebulization due to the smooth inner surface of the AirSpiral tubing.


AirSpiral tube and chamber kit for AIRVO –  900PT562

Suitable for:
Use with the unique Optiflow / Optiflow Junior interfaces at flows from 2 to 60 L/min

AirSpiral tube and chamber kit including AIRVO Neb adapter (10 pack)
(Aerogen Solo nebulizer not included)

** This product is not available in the USA

OPT942 – 44 – 46 – Optiflow nasal cannula

F&P Optiflow+

Designed for use with all F&P systems including AIRVO2, the Optiflow + cannula incorporates the latest in innovative technology to provide a high nasal flow to its patients.

Comfort + Confidence for patients and doctors

  • Double connector compatible with all F&P circuits
  • Adjustable strap provides secure and comfortable fit
  • Belt clip that eliminates the need for a cord
  • Fluffy side pads that promote stability and reduce pressure on the face
  • Evaqua technology reduces the formation of condensations in motion
  • Contoured tips for a smoother and more functional adaptation

OPT942 – Small optiflow nasal cannula (pack of 20)
OPT944 – Medium optiflow nasal cannula (pack of 20)
OPT946 – Large optiflow nasal cannula (pack of 20)

OPT970 – Tracheostomy interface
OPT980 – Mask interface adapter

**  ( these cannulas only work with the 900PT561 and  900PT562)

OPT970 – Optiflow+ Tracheostomy Interface:  An interface designed to deliver optimally humidified gas directly into the tracheostomy.

OPT980 – Optiflow+ Mask Interface Adapter:  Connects to tracheostomy mask interface with a standard 22 mm medical taper.

Optiflow Junior 2

Optiflow Junior 2 uses new Waveflex technology to allow for natural facial movement when patient’s cheeks are compressed. This improves prong stability in the nostrils and allows for easier readjustemt and maintenance for caregivers.

Optiflow Junior 2 offers a wider range of sizes:

OJR410 – Xtra Small (20/box)
OJR412 – Small (20/box)
OJR414 – Medium (20/box)
** OJR416 – Large (20/box)
** OJR418 – Xtra Large (20/box)

**  ( these are the only sizes that work with both AIRVO circuit models 900PT561, 900PT562 and 900PT531)

The AIRVO circuit models 900PT561900PT562 and 900PT531 also works with Optiflow older models OPT316 and OPT318


Aerogen Solo

Pioneering aerosol drug delivery nebulizer for single patient use.  Single patient use vibrating mesh aerosol drug delivery technology offering superior performance across all hospital modalities.

The Aerogen Solo puts you in control ensuring confidence and consistency of patient care.

  • 4 times more medication delivered to patients lungs¹
  • Quick & easy to set-up with no added flow
  • Suitable for solutions, suspensions, proteins & peptides
  • Silent operation

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